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Black Violin Unity Tour 2016

(Dallas, Texas) November 9, 2016 On the day a new president has been announced and different emotions are throughout the world, one word comes to mind U.N.I.T.Y. Black Violin has already begin unifying cities with their Unity Tour 2016 that started in September in the big apple!

Black Violin consist on the duo Will B and Kev Marcus are violin and viola players from Florida that adds their spin to jazz, hip hip, funk, and classical music.

The duo style is of music is often categorized as hip hop because of their changes in rhythm and beats, but classical music is incorporated with most of the performances.

Their Unity Tour 2016 could not have come at a better time with everything going on in the world with natural disasters, police brutality, and the presidential election. The next city tour will be at the Strathmore Music Hall Foundation in N. Bethesda, Maryland on Saturday, November 12, 2016.

Black Violin has performed with major acts such as Alicia Keys at the Billboard Awards, Linkin Park , and appearances on "Angelina Ballerina" on PBS. Will B and Kev Marcus have also produced and written with Kanye West, Tom Petty, and Aerosmith to name a few.

Their most recent work is making an appearance on HBO's show Ballers featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and being creative brains for all the music you hear on Fox's New series "Pitch" and the soundtrack.

If you are in Texas you can catch the Unity Tour at Tobin Center for Performing Arts on 4/10/2017 in San Antonio, Texas. or at the Cohen Center for Performing Arts 4/11/2017 in Tyler, Texas.

Check out Black Violin's link to catch them bringing Unity to a city near you!



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