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Client Fay Fleming Inspirational Cards featured at Dallas Morning Best Seller Reporting Bookstore The Dock Bookshop

Sunday, May 5,2024- Texas Famous independent bookstore The Dock Bookshop will be having a Mother's Day feature with inspirational speaker Fay Fleming's latest project inspirational card decks!

The Dock Bookshop supports Ms. Fleming's vision to encourage self-love, business development, and life lessons with inspirational quotes to pour into our feminine energy as she was recently a featured guest host for their YouTube Live Spring Fling feature with Victor McGlothin. 

The Dock Bookshop is one the largest African American owned full-service bookstore in Texas and the Southwest, which opened in 2008. Our mission is to inspire, inform, and entertain our customers through books and book-related events in a relaxing and spacious environment. The Dock also sell audiobooks, eBooks, greeting cards, music, coffee & tea, beverages, candles, novelty & gifts items, personal and home care items. In addition, The Dock is 4000 square feet with a designated area to hold book signings and other events.

The Dock Bookshop is a New York Times and Dallas Morning News Best Seller reporting bookstore.

These cards have great timing for its summer re-launch in May with the national focus on mental health awareness, as customers say these cards are a breath of fresh air that can be a perfect Mother's Day gift for the mom who loves words of affirmation.

Grab your inspirational cards online or this week at the bookstore. 

  • No Shade Just Saying 

  • There is Power in Peace 

  • Minding Your Own Business 

The Dock Bookshop | 6637 Meadowbrook Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76112


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