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Who Got Next?

January 28, 2017 (Atlanta, GA) Atlanta based author J. Martinez two steamy novels “Cochina” and Mojito Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, Mouthful Mondays blog on Delilah’s Dean, and social media videos are just the tip of the iceberg for this creative soul!

Jaime Martinez moved to the “dirty south” of Atlanta in the 1990’s when the city was thriving with crunk music, real r&b , Underground Station and the beginning of what many people know as “the down low brother.”

A lot of these pieces played a major role being featured in his books as he wanted to display what was going on in his surrounding as well as giving a presence for Latin Americans, which seems to be scarce on television.

Martinez says he has passion for writing , and is in the process of writing his third novel a follow-up to Mijito Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

After books, he would like to tackle the big screen with screen plays and television series.

We feel this Author has next because he takes us into his whimsical imagination peaking our interest with drama, real life scenarios, and steamy sexuality that is sure to hit the big screen soon!

Be sure to follow J. on IG @ authorjaime_martinez and view his blogs on Delilah’s Den

Get your copy on Amazon, Kindle, or DM Martinez on Instagram for your personal autograph copy.


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